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Nowadays cafes have become a very popular place to rest. For the most part, such institutions are associated with the organization of catering, but their features attract visitors not only by this. The atmosphere of coziness and comfort, variety of products and availability of prices, pleasant service – attracts those who want to spend an evening or celebrate an event.

Cafes are classified by types, into which they are divided depending on their location and specific activities, the category of the proposed range of products and contingent of visitors.

Cafes can be located in a separate room or occupy part of the first floor of a building. They are stationary, assigned to a permanent territory.

What is the basis of cafe classification

The change of natural seasons gives the opportunity to open seasonal cafes. In them you can relax while walking, shopping or sheltering from the heat and rain, take advantage of the moment and try something tasty.  Most often such cafes can be found in the resort areas. Roadside cafes offer their services to those who travel by car.

The menu composition cafe also divides these establishments into types. For those who like cakes and pastries of different kinds of sweets you can find some pastry shops. If the range includes a large selection of ice cream and the institution specializes in this, then the visitors will be invited to the ice cream cafe. The presence in the cafe of equipment for cooking meat, fish and vegetables on an open fire will give the cafe the name: cafe-grill. And that’s not all.

Well, and who will be frequent visitors to the cafe – adults or children – will also put a mark on the appearance of the cafe in accordance with its activities.

Let’s dwell in detail on the types of cafes. Let’s note the distinctive features of each type of cafe.

Types of cafes

Universal cafe

Such establishments in their range have the most simple and uncomplicated in the preparation of dishes. The furnishings are not characterized by luxury, but in its simplicity is combined with coziness.

Furnishings are equipped with furniture of standard shapes and sizes, easy to maintain sanitary norms. The material, from which the tableware and cutlery are made, is glass and stainless steel. For convenience of visitors the lobby has a checkroom and sanitary rooms.

Types of service in such cafes are different. They operate, more often than not, in a self-service system. But if in such cafes visitors are served by waiters, then in addition to all of the above, the menu necessarily has a specialty. But it should take a minimum of time to prepare.

Chocolate girl or coffee shop

The name “coffee shop” is familiar to our ears. Such cafes serve coffee or drinks made from it or based on it. Coffee lovers will be offered a large selection of this drink. Types of menus in coffee cafes are presented to any whim of the client. Barista will satisfy the taste preferences of anyone who has glanced in the coffee house to drink a cup of fragrant coffee.

In addition, you will be offered a variety of pastries and ice cream. Upon request there is also a possibility to make tea.  A new trend of the time has become the presence in such institutions hookah rooms. Coffee house – a cafe that disposes to relax, socializing, meeting with friends. In the quietness of cozy rooms you can work at the computer, read.

Both of these names apply to cafes that serve simple to prepare meals. Waiting time from ordering to serving is insignificant. Everything happens quickly, but the quality of the dish is not affected.

Restaurant-café or bistro

Both of these names apply to cafes that serve easy-to-prepare food. The waiting time from ordering to serving is insignificant. Everything happens quickly, but the quality of the dish is not affected.