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Types of Lenders

Are you looking for someone to lend you money? If this is the first time you are going to apply for a loan, you probably have many doubts, including “what types of lenders are there” and “who should I go to? In this article we will talk about types of lenders, the advantages and disadvantages

Tips to Renovate your Home

The first days of the year are the perfect opportunity to renovate spaces and start new projects. One of the aspects that will give you inspiration and momentum for the new year is to renew the furniture and decor of your home. We give you tips to give a new look to your home and

Promote a cafe using SEO

The quarantine hurt public catering establishments. However, restrictions are not eternal, and after the self-imposed isolation regime is lifted, people will go back to cafes, bars, food courts, and restaurants. Promotion takes time, so it’s time to do it now, so that by the time the restrictions are lifted, you can squeeze out the competition.