Increase traffic to a restaurant

Increase traffic to a restaurant

October 7, 2020 Off By Daniel Eichelberger

The hallmark of a restaurant is not only high-quality cuisine and qualified staff, but also stylish interior design and a cozy atmosphere.

Traditionally, the worst thing every restaurant owner fears is a lack of customers. Low attendance can be caused by a complex of reasons, one of which is the lack of personality and atmosphere in the institution.

A unique design is an important feature and part of a profitable restaurant business, because it makes a restaurant stand out among competitors and makes it well recognizable.

In information age, when all is more important impressions, even from food, we want to get maximum emotion and choose a restaurant not only “tasty”, but also atmospheric. That’s why the interior – is the first thing we pay attention to, being in a restaurant.

Proper restaurant interior design sets up the guest to get acquainted with the cuisine and prepares him for the items on the menu – it turns out that several senses are involved at once, and, therefore, the experience will be brighter.

Lack of atmosphere and mood of a restaurant can be one of the reasons of its unpopularity. It is important that the design of the restaurant was catchy, took into account the psychology of holidaymakers visitors and was in line with the marketing strategy of the company.

It is not necessary to be overly creative, enough to catch the tone that will logically fit into the concept of institutions and will be to the soul of his visitors.

Do not forget the fact that now the policy of the restaurant business has become much more democratic than it was before.

Of course, still enough high-flown and expensive establishments, nevertheless, “go to the restaurant in the evening” today is affordable to a greater number of people. The variety of restaurants specializing in different regional cuisines, steaks, fish, vegetarian dishes, forcing the owners to be more creative in terms of organization of space and interior of their establishments.

When we visit certain places, we pay attention to the non-verbal components of the surrounding space. Our associative memory works instantly. Color, flavor, style, message – our brain picks this up immediately and transforms it into a chain of feelings and memories.

This important aspect is taken into account by a successful restaurateur – a unique interior makes a restaurant stand out among competitors and makes it well-recognized, which serves as an excellent type of independent advertising for the establishment.

Thanks to a well thought-out and non-boring interior in a restaurant, you can solve several problems at once:

  • Create the desired atmosphere of fun and joy or coziness and comfort
  • Entice guests to stay longer or come again
  • Make the brand easily recognizable through striking visual solutions that can further develop not only the culinary, but also the game concept of the brand

How do you create “that” atmosphere in a restaurant?

The visualization of a restaurant brand is a system of unique components, determining the choice of color palette, forming the style and character of the establishment. Artistic mural painting is an interesting decorative technique for creating a comfortable atmosphere in restaurants.

Size, color and shape of paintings or art installations are chosen in each specific case and usually do not contradict the main design concept.

There are many styles and creative ideas that can be realized for painting the interior and exterior of the restaurant – from meager minimalism to expression and riot of colors. It all depends on the concept of your business and the target audience.

For example, painting in the popular style of “street art” will make the institution more democratic, reduce the degree of seriousness. Painting in the style of graffiti adds lightness and removes that psychological barrier, when it may seem that the institution is expensive and the environment is snobbish.

Nowadays there is a tendency to be closer to people and, at the same time, to be cool. To be open and intelligent. To be a gentleman. An atmosphere of “intelligent freedom” is welcomed in the capital’s restaurants. With the help of competent design it is possible to visualize such an environment.

Wall painting is quite a flexible tool, as it includes a large number of different styles and techniques, allows you to adjust the concept in the process. If you choose the concept competently – artistic wall painting will be an ideal option for the realization of such an idea.

When creating a painting, the artist takes into account the color scheme of the room, the location of windows, the ratio of daylight and artificial light, the location of furniture. These nuances help to create the right atmosphere of the restaurant.