Promote a cafe using SEO

Promote a cafe using SEO

August 8, 2020 Off By Daniel Eichelberger

The quarantine hurt public catering establishments. However, restrictions are not eternal, and after the self-imposed isolation regime is lifted, people will go back to cafes, bars, food courts, and restaurants. Promotion takes time, so it’s time to do it now, so that by the time the restrictions are lifted, you can squeeze out the competition. We will tell you how to do it.

The main channels for attracting customers from the Internet are the same as those for other areas of sales of goods and services. But using these channels requires a special approach and specifics.

How to promote a cafe using SEO

The first and most important thing to understand: no one will turn to a search query and other abstract queries. There are two basic options:

  • Searching for a restaurant or cafe nearby, within walking distance
  • Searching for something specific: special cuisine, exotic.

Therefore, special efforts, especially at the initial stage of promotion, need to be made to promote in local search and by segmented queries related to your unique selling proposition.

Promotion by means of local SEO means that the search engine sees where the query comes from and personalizes the results by suggesting the nearest cafes and restaurants that better match the query. In order to appear in such search results, you need to register an account in Google My Business and Yandex-Speller, as well as in services such as Zoon, 2GIS and the like.

For search engines to assign a high rating to a cafe, you need to include all possible and useful information for visitors: a list of services, opening hours, photos, the ability to book a table online, special facilities for the disabled, etc. Even if you do not have a website – in the interface of these services can make its likeness.

The second way to bring customers to a restaurant or cafe online is to choose those services which make your establishment stand out from the competition. Does your chef cook amazing steaks? – Be sure to create a landing page, where you talk about it, show photos and videos, add reviews of satisfied customers. You can spend a quiet evening at your place with relaxing “live” music and a bottle of excellent French wine? – This, too, will find connoisseurs who may become your regular customers.

This means that the site must have a well-thought-out structure, navigation tools and all the necessary information. If the visitor does not understand something or can not find it – he will simply leave for the competition. This is why SEO-specialists pay special attention to usability: the convenience and clarity of the interface affects both the search position and the commercial success of the site.

Promotion of the restaurant in social networks

According to marketing research, 75% of people buy a product or service because they saw them in social networks. Sixty percent of people need to see the proposal 2-4 times to “mature”. And if your bar, cafe, restaurant is not in social networks – you lose customers.

The first thing you need to do is to create pages and groups in the main social networks, which are used by your clients. Of course, you should try to maximize your reach, so experiment with all the major social networks.

Include basic information about your establishment: address, hours of operation, add photos and videos, talk about yourself in detail. And keep in mind that social media is not self-promotion. It is a dialogue with your customers. Listen to what they want, what they don’t like, give them useful information related to your business. And of course, tell them about your new products, changes, promotions and discounts.

What kind of content goes over well on social media when it comes to cafes and restaurants?

  • Recipes. Create your own cooking show that your visitors can participate in as well.
  • Interviews with guests: video testimonials from satisfied customers is the best advertising.
  • Culinary tips from your chef. Expert recommendations are always valued!
  • Use YouTube more actively and post videos from there on your pages. Interacting with your audience in that format is able to increase the company’s visibility on the Internet many times over.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is based on a precise choice of the target audience, so its effectiveness is very high. Media ads, including those in mobile apps, will help the restaurant show ads to exactly those who are ready to become a customer.

For targeting ads, you can use information about a customer’s location, preferences, gender, age, wealth and a host of other parameters. this way you can narrow the focus of each campaign and accentuate the offer.

Menu choice often depends on location: a hungry customer won’t drive across town if there are dozens of other options nearby. And happy hour and special offers can also influence a customer’s choice, all of which are taken into account by targeting conditions.

Social networks and search engines have already collected unimaginable amounts of data about the audience. Targeted advertising allows you to use all this power to promote your restaurant, bar or cafe with maximum efficiency.

Contextual advertising for Cafe

Contextual advertising in search engines allows you to show your ad above the search results. That way, a person looking for a place to eat nearby will immediately come across your offer. Just imagine how many people turn to the search every day to find out who offers happy hour, or inexpensive business lunch, or home cooking nearby. Every one of them could become your customer.

For a cafe business with a small budget, contextual search advertising is one of the most practical options to bring in customers quickly. It’s only displayed when people want a bite to eat. In addition, it is also effective for increasing brand awareness. You will be noticed and remembered, which means that it is your cafe that will be remembered when the right moment comes.