Steps towards a successful cafe

Steps towards a successful cafe

September 7, 2020 Off By Daniel Eichelberger

Dreaming of having your own cafe? Then our tips on how to open one will be a useful guide for you. If you follow the recommendations below, you will end up with a great place where people will come to relax with friends or family, enjoy a delicious meal or just have lunch during a break.

1. Create a competent business plan. The first step on the road to a successful cafe is to create a business plan. During the creation of this document, you will determine your customer base, research your competitors, and think about plans for the growth of the café. With this knowledge you will see all the pros and cons of your strategy, the concept of the cafe and the entire brand, as a whole, as well as methods to eliminate financial, organizational and psychological problems.

2. Find additional investment. Quite often the owners of future cafes do not have enough money for its full organization and launch. Show investors your business plan and tell them in detail about the prospects for the cafe. There are also various loan programs available.

3. Find a location. For a café to be truly successful, you need to pay due attention to finding a good location. A good cafe location is the key to success. Most likely, you will spend more than one day looking for your location, but in the end your hard work will pay off in more than one day.

4. The layout of the cafe premises. Just because you have found the right space, does not mean that its planning suits you. The space of the future cafe must be planned in such a way that it was convenient for both visitors and employees. On the latter is worth paying more attention. After all, employees need quick access to the kitchen, cash register and administrative room. This is especially true for waiters. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and create a good plan. You can draw a plan on paper, use free services.

5. Hire an accountant. An accountant is a small business’ best financial advisor. While you do the basic tasks, an accountant will handle financial matters and tax liaison. Well, if you start using a cloud or hybrid automation system, then you will need an accountant solely for communication with the tax office and no more. The advantage of this step is saving money on an accountant’s salary, because he will work mainly remotely several days a month, and therefore will not receive a full-time job.

6. Allocate your budget. You must understand that the business, at least the first 4-8 months of profit will not bring. And your family needs to live. Make sure you have enough money to cover your personal expenses, at least for six months.

7. Monitor equipment prices. Most of your time will be spent on the layout of the cafe and its financing. Don’t forget about the equipment either. Do some monitoring of equipment prices. You need to have at least two prices for each piece of equipment to see where it is cheaper. When opening a cafe, you need to know how to save money. However, in the pursuit of savings should not neglect quality.

8. Marketing campaign. Before opening a cafe, it is necessary to conduct a marketing campaign. And it is best to do this no later than 2 months before the opening of the institution. The advertising campaign can include various promotions and offers, for example, develop leaflets with which visitors on the day of opening will receive, free coffee or cocktail and hand them out on the streets of the city.

In addition, you can publish the news that on the opening day everyone can enjoy a free buffet and get a beautiful photo from the opening of the restaurant. To do this, hire a photographer from a local cultural portal. Create advertising accounts on popular social networks. Promote the opening in local media portals and media.

9. Logo and concept. Pay attention to your signage and logo. It’s the first thing visitors look at. It is by looking at the signage at a person formed the first impression of the cafe. It is also worth well thought out in detail the concept of the institution.

Unusual and unusual decisions in the interior and brand concept, make visitors to become regular customers, who by their frequent visits and posting directly from the institution to social networks photos, make a better advertising campaign than any most expensive marketing. Interesting decor, informative stories about the idea of the establishment on one of the walls, the original shape of the waiters, exclusive things and uniqueness even in the restrooms will bring more and more customers to your restaurant every day.

10. Be demanding. First of all, to yourself. And to your employees. High standards and demanding will bring success. Each employee must meet the name of the institution, its concept and standards. Along with being demanding, don’t bend to advice from experienced businessmen, owners of successful cafes.