Study gastronomy: Reasons why you should do it

Study gastronomy: Reasons why you should do it

July 8, 2020 Off By Daniel Eichelberger

Although cooking is part of everyday life, it is an area that not everyone can master professionally. For that reason, if you dream of becoming one of the most famous chefs in the world, you need to study Gastronomy.

Regardless of your skills in the kitchen, studying this career is essential if you want to prepare delicious dishes that will please the most demanding palates.

To be a haute cuisine chef, innate talent is not enough. To have the privilege of directing kitchens of respected restaurants, depends on being able to nourish yourself with a lot of knowledge. You must learn many things that only a school of gastronomy can teach you.

By studying this degree, you will learn culinary concepts and techniques that will give a distinctive stamp to your dishes, compared to those prepared by people who did not study the career.

In addition, you will have essential knowledge about the business world, which will make you a comprehensive professional who understands all aspects of the food industry.

Mastering culinary and business concepts will bring you many benefits. Below, I will mention 8 reasons why you should study Gastronomy.

You will learn everything about food and its preparation

To prepare delicious dishes, worthy of haute cuisine, you need much more than good ingredients and culinary skills.

Food processing and conservation are aspects that must be mastered in order to have the ability to prepare succulent recipes.

Luckily, you will be able to learn more about these aspects if you decide to study Gastronomy.

A solid curriculum, oriented to the world of Gastronomy, must nourish your students with techniques and knowledge that must be applied before the moment the food is cooked.

Only if you handle food hygienically, with the proper preservation and processing methods, will you be able to take full advantage of the culinary techniques that are at the heart of this profession.

Do you want to know how a career in gastronomy will help you perfect the way you cook? If your answer is “yes”, take a look at these two undergraduate study objectives

Gastronomic Basis

Haute cuisine has secrets, and one of them is that the chefs and their assistants have gastronomic bases that give an exquisite final touch to the dishes or even complement their preparation.

The gastronomic bases, also known as kitchen bottoms, are sauces and other mixtures, such as fish fumet, made with specific ingredients to complement or improve the flavor of certain dishes, as explained by Spanish chef Victor Perez in an interview with the newspaper El Comercio.

Cooking methods

Cooking is a fundamental part in the preparation of different dishes and, therefore, you must know their different methods.

Cooking by fat and liquid are two of the methods that you will practice the most if you decide to study Gastronomy.

According to the website gastronomiaycia.repú, cooking by fat is produced when food is fried, sautéed or gilded.

On this online site, boiled, steamed and white broth preparations are included in the liquid cooking method.

In addition to deepening these study objectives, elementary to improve your cooking skills, during the Gastronomy career you will learn how to prepare dishes from different countries.

Although learning and practicing different recipes of Mexican food is a fundamental part of the degree, in this one you will also learn about international cuisine.

Having the ability to prepare dishes from different gastronomic cultures is great, right? However, that’s not all!

If you decide to study Gastronomy, you will also learn about various culinary arts, such as pastry, baking and chocolate making.

In any of these areas, knowledge about the ingredients is the basis for success.

For that reason, one of the objectives of the Gastronomy educational program is to make students aware of the importance of the products they use when cooking.

During the course, you will learn about the origin, quality, prices and manufacturers of the different products that are useful in haute cuisine.

You will develop creativity and improvisation skills

Creativity and Gastronomy go hand in hand. A great chef, among other things, must have the ability to invent, innovate and improvise.

As in any art, in Gastronomy creativity makes the difference. Although there are different dishes that you could learn in a cooking course, you will be able to stand out if you give it a distinctive touch or, even better, invent new recipes.

It is not by chance that the great restaurants of the world have special dishes that differentiate them from their competitors.

The male plantain with manioc flour, from the Peanut restaurant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the roasted avocado, from the Quintonil in Mexico City, are some of the new dishes you can get in haute cuisine restaurants in Latin America.

These dishes, although they come from recipes that already existed, have some special ingredients and, above all, are prepared in a unique way that manages to attract diners to these renowned restaurants.

If you want to be like Helena Rizzo, the genius behind the success of the Brazilian restaurant Peanut and winner of the Veuve Clicquot 2014 award, as the best female chef in the world, you must work with great care and attention when creating a dish.

To invent a successful dish, you need to know each of the ingredients thoroughly and, above all, you must perfect all the preparation processes before it is offered to the public.

Besides having the capacity to invent and innovate, if you want to become a great chef it is important that you are prepared to improvise at the necessary moments.

Although organization is one of the premises that govern haute cuisine, it is very likely that during your working life unforeseen events will occur, such as the loss of an ingredient or a failure in some technical resource, which will test your ability to solve problems and improvise.

You already know! If you want to be able to work in the most demanding kitchens, it is necessary that you study Gastronomy so that you can develop your creativity and ability to improvise.

These skills, besides being useful when managing a kitchen, are of great help in different areas of life, so do not miss the opportunity to develop them!